Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family Calendar

I am continually on the hunt for time management systems that work. This free website (the app does cost a bit) changed my life. Outlook is not "fun" - but when I print Cozi for my kids for the week, it's beautiful. Everyone with their own colored dot. It's also VERY easy to enter data from the site or app. (free)
I use this for my family calendar, journal, lists
Send easy reminders to e-mail or phone. (This is helpful when Greg is picking up the girls one day - I can set it to remind him.)
Best in the world out there for mom's managing family calendar.
I love the journal setting because I can upload photos and stories right then and there to help me remember key family moments. (Because if I don't do it then or at the end of the day, I probably won't write down that special story.)

Feel free to stop me and let you show you cozi on my phone!

I have heard of plum life, but that site costs $. Cozi is completely free.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Advice at a glance

Ok, being almost 40, here is some advice I think works

I. Health
A. Vitamins (multi, E, omega, D, calcium)
B. Walk 2 miles daily
C. Keep your BMI in check
D. Be positive. It's better to get along than to not get along. 

II. Beauty
A. Never tan - the sun causes 90% of what ages you later.
B. Wear Sunglasses
C. Use SPF 90 sunscreen
D. Use Paula's Choice (cleanser, toner, AHA, antioxident, moist.)
E. Don't spend money on something that doesn't work. There is nothing for stretch marks or brown spots. Use sunscreen and save up for a doctor procedure if something is really bothering you.
F. You will never be the most beautiful girl, but you usually can be one of the classiest or most elegant if you dress well, modestly, and are professional at work and very kind to your friends. 

III. Financial
A. Save 20% for your first home down payment
B. Use for budget tracking
C. Buy only a few nice things (furniture, clothes)
D. Brand loyalty pays off (credit card, relationship with salesperson.) Plus, brand loyalty saves you time because you have "go to" places.
E. Don't be a whim giver. Commit to your church and some local non-profits who can count on regular gifts from you.

IV. Education
A. The masters is the new undergraduate.

V. Home Maint.
A. FlyLady (Sink Reflections)
(If you need a practical way to keep your house clean and free of chaos and always company ready. It only takes a few minutes a day and one hour a week. Don't worry if your house is not perfect - jump in where you are!)

VII. Family Stories
As a mom, one of your job is to identify the stories and photographs your family will remember for years. Family is made up of shared experiences. Be sure you re-tell stories, and have a list of top 10 family stories. I am going to do better at this, but be sure you select certain photos in your home - the one your children will always remember. A mom can shape what kinds of memories a child has by the photos she displays. I think that a family should have at least 20 family stories and 10 key photographs.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Managing your money

I have alot to say about this, but here are my top points

1) You must manage your money or you won't be able to be charitable. 

2) If you are busy, the best website I have found is
go to for a free 60 day trial. (This could be expired by the time you read this, but just search for a free trial period.)
it's a bit pricey, but here are the features:
- enter your income
- divide that money into "virtual" envelopes - a  spending plan (do they add up?)
- enter all your credit cards and checking account info.
- every day you will see purchase transaction - regardless of how you paid for it (credit card, debit, check.) And the credit card purchases show immediately on the transaction screen (not when the bill comes). Then, you move that purchase into an envelope (e.g. "groceries" "clothing" "gifts for others".) When your credit card comes, your "envelope" is full of the exact cash. And, it syncs with your checking account, so you always know if you are ok. Plus free bill pay. It may seem confusing at first, but if you are interested, I'll walk you through it. 10 minutes of my coaching on the set up  is better then 2 hours of trying to figure it out online.