Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to organize your children's school work

Kate (2nd grade) and Carolyn (kindergarten) bring home daily paperwork.
You will need to find your own system for organizing it.

Here's mine:

I used to by the Esselte Pendaflex, legal size, 12 pockets, with a flap that closes. It's really hard to find.
You must have legal size because some of the art is large.
And you need it divided by months, and you need it to close with a band.

Put the papers you want organized by month. For the month of July, but a new sticky label over it and entitle it "Extra special work." That way, if you ever get rid of the daily work, you at least know right away where the special art/work you want to keep is located.

So, I order one for each daughter, and just write their name, grade, teacher and school on the front with a sharpie. It's just really help me stay organized. Papers don't just sit around as clutter because you don't know what to do with them. I edit somewhat, and then it goes straight into the pendaflex!