Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family Calendar

I am continually on the hunt for time management systems that work. This free website (the app does cost a bit) changed my life. Outlook is not "fun" - but when I print Cozi for my kids for the week, it's beautiful. Everyone with their own colored dot. It's also VERY easy to enter data from the site or app. (free)
I use this for my family calendar, journal, lists
Send easy reminders to e-mail or phone. (This is helpful when Greg is picking up the girls one day - I can set it to remind him.)
Best in the world out there for mom's managing family calendar.
I love the journal setting because I can upload photos and stories right then and there to help me remember key family moments. (Because if I don't do it then or at the end of the day, I probably won't write down that special story.)

Feel free to stop me and let you show you cozi on my phone!

I have heard of plum life, but that site costs $. Cozi is completely free.